Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I'm from a family of hide-it, don't-tell shoppers! We were the ones at 7 and 8 years old in the Dollar General trying to sneak through the aisles to the checkout so our siblings didn't see our Christmas present purchases. There are pros and cons to this approach to presents. Pros like: It makes Christmas full of suspense, mystery and a bit of nagging fear (Oh dear, what if I get given something stupid!) It makes for a few good squeals on Christmas and a few "Oh how kool!"s . It also makes you think hard about what to give - since you don't to be the bearer of the "Oh, you [realllllly] shouldn't have" gift.
But there are cons: Like getting the "You really shouldn't have" gift. If you're on a tight budget, and specifically ask for something - and don't get it - it can be a bit of a let-down and a disappointment. Family members (and you) find shopping for some people just plain stressful! "What would they like?" "Will they use this?" "Did I give them the same thing last year?"

Matt grew up in a different family all together. Their family did the hide-it Christmas for years, but as their two kids got to be teenagers, they found Christmas shopping more and more disconcerting! So they started doling out a certain amount of money, the teenager spent that amount, and those items were wrapped up for Christmas. So, Matt got used to this way of doing things. Our first Christmas we did the hide-it Christmas, and it just felt wierd! So our 2nd and 3rd Christmases have been dole-it Christmases. We only do it with our immediate family, but it makes it fun because we get what we need, we get the right size, and we like what we get! It's also fun to shop together for things!

So last week we went shopping, and again yesterday. Let me just tell you - shopping for the perfect purse..... it's an impossible task. I mean, if I had a couple hundred to drop on a purse I might find a good bag. But I don't, and Target's not right around the corner with it's fashionably cheap bags! Blah. I've given up on a bag this Christmas.

My intent on the bag was to combine the purse/diaper bag into one. I hate carrying two bags. I especially hate carrying a cute purse and an ugly, bulky diaper bag. I think diaper bags are ugly - sorry everyone. The one I have is alright, but it's not stiff on the sides, so it won't stand on its own, and it doesn't have a lot of compartments or pockets. It's also not that big. So I've decided that like it or not, I'm gonna have to stick with it, and I think I'm about to "Go Creative" on it's ugly bag butt!

So let me ask you this ladies (and the odd gentleman) - which is better? A big black diaper bag with vinyl sides (more diaper bag ready), or a boho messenger bag/sling bag (fewer pockets, but not so ugly).


  1. Boho messenger, definitely. I don't think I'll ever be a big diaper bag Mom..too bulky and reminds me of a 'smoltz' Mom (if you've ever seen Father of the Bride 2 you'll know what I'm talking about..) Anyway, messenger totes are the way to go. I have a meshy $3 one from Walmart I am aching to use when a teeny comes along..someday.

  2. The messenger/sling bag. Post-pregnancy can be ugly enough without adding big ugly diaper bag. I don't carry a diaper bag - I have an oversized purse thingy (technical huh!) that I put everything into. I've found I don't actually need to bring as much as I initially think anyways. My mom made mine out of a thrifted wool sweater that she felted and sewed up. It cost like 5 dollars to make and it's super cute. My vote is definitely for the messenger bag - I'm vain though :)


  3. Andrea - aren't I already vain for trying to decide what kind of diaper bag I want???? I'm leaning in the way of the messenger bag.... soooo sick of the black vinyl diaper bag look. blah.....

  4. I'm with you...trying to find something that isn't ugly that doesn't cost my entire paycheck! (I'm not into big bags - can't carry them and the baby at the same time...) I'd go with the boho messenger bag...which is probably what I'm gonna do too! I guess vainness comes out for everyone during this stage of pregnancy? 34 weeks and counting...