Monday, January 7, 2013

Joshua's 5th Birthday

5 years. Half a decade. How did this happen 'Shua? How could you possibly be 5?

Sweet boy, words fail me. I love you so much and I wish you were here. I wish it every time I think of you. But in your absence, we still celebrate you. We celebrate the time we did spend with you.

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Your sisters love you.

Oceana says she remembers you, she talks about you a lot. She calls you her LBBFF --- Mommy needed a translation, "Little Brother, Best Friend Forever".

Naomi knows about you too. She was excited to send you balloons today.

And Cora will learn. I tell her about you - we look at your pictures and I tell her who you are. She cuddles with your teddy bears sometimes.

I still smell your clothes. Your scent is long since gone. It stayed for about two years, but it's gone now. I miss that scent. Sweet boy I love you so much.

Here's a few pictures of your birthday party.


  1. {{hugs mama}} God bless you & your family with peace. Be strong & courageous.

  2. Still reading this blog and still remembering Joshua. Hard to believe it's been five years!